HaliSens® - Product Information

Objective determination of Halitosis

Easy and reliable determination

HaliSens® enables the fast and reliable determination of the concentration of hydrogen sulfide from a sample gas volume of 5 ml. Thus, the most important gas component for the characterization of halitosis is measured, enabling the evaluation of the severity of halitosis. The hydrogen sulfide sensor simultaneously detects all volatile sulfur components (VSC's) that also contribute to halitosis.


Immediate graphical evaluation

The sample gas is introduced by drawing a gas volume of 10 ml from the oral cavity. After the injection of 5 ml of the syringe volume onto the sensor, the measured value is immediately shown graphically on the display of a laptop or PC.

Progression traceable at any time

Patient management integrated in the HaliSens® software, enables retrospective observations. The progression of halitosis can therefore be traced at any time.

Technical Data


Measuring Range: 40-1200 ppb
Measurement uncertainty: 7 %
Dimension (LXBXH):  18x18x10 cm 
Weight: 1,7 KG
Voltage connection: 230 V, 2 W
PC-Operating system:  from Windows 7
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