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The HaliSens®

The HaliSens was developed in close cooperation with halitosis-experts. The product offers an easy but reliable measurement method for the objective measurement in the course of a halitosis consultation. The HaliSens is an essential part of a professional Halitosis diagnosis. The in Germany developed and produced product guarantees the objective determination of mouth ordure. Especially patients who suffer from chronic bad breath are mostly searching for dentist offices who offer such instrumental measurement methods. 

Halisens® - objective measurement, bad breath
HaliSens® - Instrumental Measurement

Halitosis, bad breath, mouth odour treatment
Patient who suffers from mouth odour

The Halitosis-Concept

The Halitosis-Consultation is an innovative and profitable treatment concept that should be offered by every innovative dentist. We are pleased to support you with the full implementation of the Halitosis-Concept into your processes. We offer you modular services that support to grow the interest on your halitosis offer and make this treatment successful.  Our concepts include training for your employees, support to set up legally conform marketing campaigns and integration into your quality management system. Just get in touch and we will gladly advice you on the best fitting solution. Book our full services packages at attractive prices starting already at 229 €/month*

Halitosis as a Taboo Topic

Halitosis, also known colloquially as "pathological Bad Breath", is a taboo subject in Germany. However, the search engine "Google" leads over 1 million entries to the search term " Bad Breath". Halitosis is a pathological condition that occurs in about 50 to 60 % of the world's population. Over 90% of halitosis is due to intra-oral causes. In relation to this, a dentist is and should be the first point of contact for patients suffering from chronic bad breath.  


Our mission is to establish a comprehensive network of dental practices that offers halitosis therapy as part of your prophylaxis in order to provide in-depth diagnostics for professional dentists.