HaliSens® - Benefits for your Dentist Office

Halitosis-Concept, an innovative and profitable treatment method

Ganzheitliches Behandlungskonzept, professionelle Prophylaxe, Mundgeruch-Therapie, Halitosis. Halisens, Zahnfitness

Vorteile zum Wettbewerb, Zahnarzt, Prophylaxe, Halitosis-Messung, Mundgeruch, Mundgeruch-Therapie, Mundhygiene

 Holistic treatment concept

✔ Innovative treatment approach for

     your prophylaxis department

✔ Employee motivation 

Steigerung von Patienten-Zahlen, Prohphylaxe, Halitosis-Patient

✔ Increase the number of profitable 


✔ Increase of sales figures

✔ Cross- Selling by further treatments


Alleinstellungsmerkmal für den Zahnarzt

✔ Unique Selling Point

✔ Distinction from your competitors

✔ local enhancement of your practice

Follow the example of your colleagues from countries with innovative approaches in the dental field, such as Norway, Sweden or the USA. By introducing a professional halitosis surgery, you create a new and at the same time innovative field of treatment in your dental practice. This will not only help your patients who suffer from chronic Bad Breath, but will also give you the unique opportunity to become one of the leading dental practitioners or further extend your lead. Further treatments, such as periodontists treatments, improvement of dental prostheses, etc., are often derived from diagnosis, which at the same time help you to increase your sales. Be a part of the halitosis network and help your patients to breathe fresh air. 




"Measurements with the HaliSens are easy and reliable. I really like the feature of showing the measurement values to the patient" 




"By offering the Halitosis-Consultation we were able to heal many patients from their chronicle mouth ordure. It is often a big pressure for the patients before they come to our dentist office". 





"By diagnosing a periodontitis within the halitosis consultation we were able to heal the patient by a professional periodontal treatment combined with some prosthetic exchange. The measurement with the HaliSens was supportive to help the patient understand the necessity of additional invests.